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Vision Quest
by Terry Davis

  • 3.89 ratings

Vision Quest by Terry Davis Overview

You think I’m just another muscle-bound, sex-crazed, fuzzy-brained, futureless JOCK. But You’re Wrong. I dream big. I love hard. I think far. I act fast. I live humbly. I want to win. And, yeah, I’m a jock. My Vision. My Quest. My Life. The cult classic coming-of-age novel is back.

Terry Davis

About Vision Quest Description

Terry Davis is an American novelist who lives near Spokane, Washington, and is a professor emeritus of English at Minnesota State University, Mankato (MSU Mankato), where he taught Creative writing – fiction and screenwriting – as well as adolescent literature. Davis, who has been a high school English teacher and a wrestling coach, is the author of three novels for young adults: Vision Quest (197

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Original Title Vision Quest ISBN 0385732740 (ISBN13: 9780385732741 ) Edition Language English Literary Awards Washington State Book Award (1980), National Book Award Finalist for First Novel (1980) (12)