• Heart of Darkness
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Heart of Darkness
by Joseph Conrad

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Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad Overview

Dark allegory describes the narrator's journey up the Congo River and his meeting with, and fascination by, Mr. Kurtz, a mysterious personage who dominates the unruly inhabitants of the region. Masterly blend of adventure, character development, psychological penetration. Considered by many Conrad's finest, most enigmatic story.

Joseph Conrad

About Heart of Darkness Description

Joseph Conrad (born Józef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski ) was a Polish-born English novelist who today is most famous for Heart of Darkness, his fictionalized account of Colonial Africa. Conrad left his native Poland in his middle teens to avoid conscription into the Russian Army. He joined the French Merchant Marine and briefly employed himself as a wartime gunrunner. He then began to work aboard Br

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Original Title Heart of Darkness ISBN 1892295490 (ISBN13: 9781892295491 ) Edition Language English Characters Charles Marlow, Kurtz setting Africa Belgian Congo Brussels (Belgium) …more Congo Free State …less (1529)