• Ill Wind                  (Weather Warden #1)
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Ill Wind (Weather Warden #1)
by Rachel Caine

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Ill Wind (Weather Warden #1) by Rachel Caine Overview

Joanne Baldwin is a Weather Warden - waves her hand to tame the most violent weather. Now she races against accusations of corruption and murder. Her only hope is Lewis, the most powerful warden known. Because he stole three bottles of Djinn, he is now the most wanted criminal on earth. Can she find him before the bad weather closes in?

Rachel Caine

About Ill Wind (Weather Warden #1) Description

Rachel Caine is a pen name of Roxanne Longstreet Conrad. She has also published as: Roxanne Longstreet Roxanne Conrad Julie Fortune Ian Hammell Her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/rachelcainef...

Data Book Ill Wind (Weather Warden #1)

Original Title Ill Wind ISBN 0451459520 (ISBN13: 9780451459527 ) Edition Language English Series Weather Warden #1, Weather Warden Universe #1 Characters Joanne Baldwin, Jinn David, Lewis Levander Orwell, Estrella Almondovar, Bad Bob Biringanine...more , Paul Giancarlo...less setting Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (United States) (22)